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How was ATL Day


The traditional ATL Day was held at Miras International School on the 13th of September. The main topic of this day was examination and practical application of 5 new ATL categories by Secondary School students. Different types of activities, planned by subject teachers, were thoroughly thought out beforehand. Grade 6 students had an aim to use a big number of compound parts of the cluster “Self organization”. Children treated the tasks with great responsibility, creating questionnaires for the School Administration and interviewing them successfully.

Grade 7 students read and discussed materials about the rivers-symbols of Houses (Aral Sea, Caspian Sea, Balkhash Lake, Zaisan Lake) and prepared presentations. Grade 8 students learnt about the computer program “Hotpotato”, and fulfilled the tasks using subject-teachers’ instructions. Grades 9-10 students actively worked in groups discussing the variants of emblems for the school teams and making their designs. Three variants of emblem for each House were created as the result of this day. The day was ended with an assembly where the students shared their impressions and results of their work, and also identified the best emblem for each House by voting.