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A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others


We often pronounce the word «Teacher», but do not consider what important role the teacher plays in our life. Many of you will agree that teacher is not a profession but mission. Because all of us have been educated by school, by teachers in particular. It is very difficult to overestimate the merits of a talented teacher who opens for a child the doors to the world of knowledge, influences his personal humane qualities and forms the basics of his future… So much strength, work, soul and patience teachers contribute to grow each happy child. Every day, from year to year a teacher gives himself to students.

It is not easy to teach the children wisdoms of sciences. It is more difficult to teach them to study — eagerly perceive knowledge, curiously extract them from book or life. While opening the world to the child a teacher teaches him to live in this world. Teacher’s heart never loses faith in students’ potential and his own potential to help the child to choose the right path.

Teacher’s Day

This holiday has become really nationwide, because everyone in our country crosses the school’s threshold. The school provides the child with all people can’t live without. Students’ hopes, joy and worries begin from the school desk. And they will carry into life all they’ve learnt at school.

Everyone who is working at school today, works for the future and is responsible for this future. And the happiest person is that who has the luck to meet the teacher who can bring to class inspiration, love, and, of course, knowledge lit with love. Teacher’s nobility will surely echo in the hearts of his students.

Teachers’ day has already passed, but the spirit of holiday is still hovering in the air. Everyone remembers this holiday with a happy smile and share warm memories of the day.

But it can’t be in a different way! Teachers of our school have been met with flowers and balloons by the music at the main entrance. Many interesting events and surprises expected teachers this day. All people were involved in a turnover of the events: flash mob, lessons, games…. everyone was looking forward to self-governance lessons — grade 11 students became teachers for this day and conducted lessons by themselves.

We wonder how it to rule the school without teachers is?! Teachers recalling their school years were naughty, merry, were dancing, playing, but 11-graders felt wiser, more mature and more serious.

The day finished with an assembly, when the head of school congratulated the teachers with their holiday. The audience and participants of the concert enjoyed the songs, dances, music and drama.

It is interesting that teacher’s day has been celebrated in many countries during these October days. Each holiday has its history. The origin of this holiday is interesting: everything started in 1944 in America, in USA to be exact. A modest but very active teacher from Arkansas state (Do your remember where little girl Ellie has flown to the country of Oz from?) wrote a long petition to the politicians and governors to Washington asking the authorities to pay regard to the teachers in the USA, and only in the year of 1953 teachers day has been declared on a state level.

After the USA the holiday has become official in the USSR in 1965. People started to celebrate it on the first Sunday of October.

In Brazil it is celebrated on the 15th October, in Poland on the 14th October. In Great Britain, as in the majority of European countries it is celebrated on the 5th October. It is probably not so important what day it is celebrated as the school starts from the kindergarten but never finishes.

Teachers’ job is difficult. It requires from person not only big knowledge but spiritual strength, endurance and even courage. That is why it is probably the most interesting job.

We do congratulate all teachers with their professional holiday and wish creative success in the noble mission of educating children!

Adema Kasseinova
Dean of students