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Arts Festival-2013 in “Miras” school

Arts Festival-2013 in “Miras” school 18.11.2013

At Miras International School from the 28th of October through to November 1st, 2013, our second whole school “Arts Festival” took place. This year it was devoted to the 15th Anniversary of “The Nursultan Nazarbayev’s Educational Foundation”. The aims of the Festival were to stimulate and promote children’s creativity, support the development of creative initiative, and encourage the active participation of the school community.

During the course of the week students of both Secondary and Primary schools we involved in different events and activities. Each day of the festival students and teachers were exposed to a selection of different musical genres, from classical to modern styles in order to lift everyone’s spirits and encourage students’, parents’ and teachers’ creativity. Grades 6-12 were involved in making art posters devoted to the certain themes: “Ballet”, “Cinema”, Fashion“, and “Circus”. On the fifth day representatives of the Student Council chose the best poster to sell at the charity auction, which took place during the closing ceremony. The Primary School students also organized an exhibition gallery where they presented their creative works made using various techniques and styles. These products were also assessed by the Student Council, of which only the 10 best works were for sale at the charity auction (see below). Thanks go to the organizers of the exhibition — Tarakova Sholpan and Lyudmila Denissova, teachers of Visual Art and Floriculture.

Students from the French Section prepared very interesting presentations on the theme “Medieval literature, art and culture”. This work was highly appreciated and popular throughout the whole school. The Supervisor of the presentation was Gregory Galman, a teacher of French language. On the same day there was an “Intellectual Marathon” organized and carried out under the leadership of Anatoly Kuznetsov. The theme of the marathon was “A charming world of Music and Art,” and was conducted in main rounds General Knowledge Test, The right choice, Surprise, Auction.

On Tuesday, 29th of October, within the Area of Interaction “Community & Service” we had a wonderful Charity Concert organized by AoI leader, Guldana Nessipbayeva. The participants of this concert were our students, parents and teachers and our guests from the Association “Singing Hands”. Entrance to the concert was by ticket only, which cost 300 tenge. All the funds collected went towards charities and to School-Gymnasium № 65 (where they provide remedial classes for children with hearing problems). The overall sum collected was 76, 300 tg, which was a fantastic achievement.

The 31th of October was a remarkable day for all students, parents and teachers as we held talk shows with professional people of art. We invited Gulzhanat Sapakova, well-known in the city as a soloist of “Astana Opera”, winner of international competitions, an acting opera singer in “La Scala ” in Milan, and Yelena Bezborodova, who is a ballerina of “Astana Opera”, teacher and choreographer; Serik Bokazhanov — an artist , teacher and participant of the annual exhibitions in the cities of Kazakhstan, an author of personal exhibitions, and finally, Iliyas Duissen — a musician, winner of international competitions as a violinist in the cities of Italy and Kazakhstan. In these talk shows the children were given the opportunity to communicate with professionals on different topics and ask the most unexpected and interesting questions. For example, “If you had a chance to live a second life, what would it be like?”, “Do you have any hobbies?” etc.

Our guests showed their talents on the stage of our Assembly hall. They performed some fragments from famous pieces of Verdi, Paganini and Tchaikovsky. At the end of the session these famous people identified the best students’ questions, and then handed them gifts with their autographs. Organizers of the Talk show also handed souvenirs to the guests made by our school students. In the reflection sheets about the Arts festival this event was emphasized by many as one of the most memorable.

Finally, on Friday, November 1st, there was the final assembly, in which all the activities were summarized and the most interesting events were displayed, and funny photos were shown on the screen in the concert hall. For the first time in the history of the school we had a charity auction that was held in true English style. Each of the 10 works that were previously chosen by members of the Student Council were presented to the audience and put on sale from 100 to 5000 tenge. Items were snapped up quickly due to the enthusiasm of the crowd. The rest of the student work was displayed in the atrium of the Secondary School to be purchased by any interested parties.

All the money raised will go towards funding the medical treatment (operation) of one of our Miras school students. During the day, the Diploma students offered original reflection cards in the form of different images and pictures (butterflies, leaves, flowers, etc.).

To conclude the Assembly the school community was invited to see a bright dance show with the participation of professional children and youth dance groups from Astana. The students saw a variety of dance styles and genres on the stage. There were such studios invited as “Renaissance”, “Beau Monde”, “Koktem”, “Dance Relax Studio”, “Meruert” and “Dance School-23.” The organizer of the memorable show was our Primary school teacher, Dance teacher, and choreographer, Olga Zadorozhnaya.

Sherbet Rakishevа
Head of Arts Department