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«Master and Margarita» on Miras stage

«Master and Margarita» on Miras stage 13.11.2013

“Set the bar high, present a reasonable goal, make the resources available,
energize and things happen by themselves”


A child’s soul yearns for purity and sublime creative self-realization on a spiritual level to counteract the increasing presence of immorality and cruelty. If we have enthusiastic teachers working in the school who are supported by a wise administrative team, then you will always find cheerful, witty and talented students. In such a working environment there is no place for boredom, laziness and spiritual impoverishment. I came to this conclusion by working at this school.

For many years I toyed with the idea of staging Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita”. In a very short period of time (3 weeks) we were able to prepare and present twelve key scenes. As ever, all new things arouse misgivings, criticism, conflicting opinions and this is understandable.

This performance gave the opportunity for the students to identify the abilities given to them by nature; to hear and understand themselves. Students, who had not excelled before became the heroes of the day by playing the roles of Yehoshua, Korovyev and Voland, to mention just a few. Most importantly, these hours of triumph will be inscribed in their biographies forever. During the performance there was such an abundance of creative spirit demonstrated in the boys and girls that the audience exploded with a great tornado of applause. The performance concluded with great Satan’s ball where actors waltzed. I would like to believe that the students became better, purer, spiritually richer and kinder by waltzing, dancing foxtrot, listening to love songs, Beethoven, Strauss and Vivaldi.

Different unforeseen circumstances forced the young actors to display incredible ingenuity and cohesion, gave rise to a great sense of responsibility for a common cause, helped to promote team spirit, instilled a sense of genteelness and respect for one other. I would like to express my special gratitude to our students with whom it was so easy and such a pleasure to work.

A special thank you goes to Mr. Anatoly.

Russian language and literature teacher
Igenberlina Kyzgaldak