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Star talk-show


On the 31st of October in Miras school, there was a talk-show within the Arts Festival, in which Grade 6-10 students and famous Kazakh artists participated. Opera singer Gulzhanat Sapakova and violinist Dyisen Ilyas made us happy by their presence. Geography teacher and Leader of the AOI “Approaches to learning” Ms. Maira Zhamanbayeva conducted this talk-show.

At the beginning of the talk-show our star guests introduced themselves and demonstrated their masterships by performing fragments chosen by themselves from their compositions. A short performance of the artists aroused students’ curiosity and attention. The students put many questions and took active part in communication with the guests. The students, without any hesitation, asked our guests not only about their musical career, but also about their families, styles and dreams.

Grade 10 student Anuar asked: “What do you feel when you improve and achieve something new?”. Ilyas Dyisen answered: “Indeed, it’s such a feeling which is not predicted. You never know whether it’s a feeling of happiness or feeling of sadness. A new achievement as any new experience can cause a storm of emotions as well as exhaustion. But there is never an end on achievement, especially for artists. There’s no limit to perfection!”.

A very interesting question was put by Rauan, Grade 6 student: “If you had a chance to live a second life, what kind of life would you have?”. The guests were surprised by the original question and they were glad to answer it: “I think if I were not a musician, definitely I would connect my life with cinema. I cannot say that it’s my dream, but the profession of actor always impressed me”, — answered Ilyas Dyisen. “Before, I was thinking about it. It’s seems to me that if God hadn’t awarded me with a good voice, I would have gone for sports!”, — shared Gulzhanat Sapakova with us.

Earlier the opera singer said that in her free time she swims and not long ago she won in championship in women’s arm wrestling, which was a surprise for her and she explained her victory as a result of regular racing in the swimming pool.

When the “heart-to-heart conversation” was finished, the guests didn’t refuse our request to perform something again, but “impromptu”". The stars made all of us grateful with their skilful performance, receiving gratitude, applause and sincere acknowledgement of the young generation.

We discovered that our guests came to us with Art books with their autographs for those students, whose questions they liked very much. Rauan and Anuar’s questions were noted as original and memorable questions. The talk-show’s completion was marked by giving presents and Sherbet Seiphollayevna’s words of gratitude for invited guests and organizers of the evening.

Honestly speaking, this conference produced a very big impression on me. The presence of such famous artists among to us seemed absolutely unreal. This activity was very important for us as everyone has got something new and useful. And this means that the effort of our teachers was once again not wasted!

Polina, Grade 9