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Nazira’s well-deserved victory

Nazira’s well-deserved victory 28.02.2014

A cheerful girl with a good sense of humor who just emits waves of friendliness and optimism modestly answered the questions of young journalists.

This is Nazira Mamytbekova— holder of medal and diploma for the third place in Republican competition of scientific projects in Chemistry as well as certificate and UNESCO diploma in nomination for “Application of new technologies and methods of investigation”.

According to teachers’ words this girl is a modest, straightforward, purposeful and a girl of few words. She is always ready for the lessons in spite of the complexity of topics. Nazira (which means “long-sighted person” in Arabic language) demonstrates by her conduct, modesty and charm that there are no unreachable goals for her! Hard work and her endurance have helped her in achieving many goals. One of her serious achievements is her successful speech in the Republican competition of scientific projects, which was held in Almaty.

Mrs. Nadezhda Vladimirovna, her first teacher, told about her ex-student with pleasure. She noted that in the Primary school she excelled with her curiosity and special interest towards investigations. “When Nazira joined our school, — tells Mrs. Nadezhda Vladimirovna, — I saw her as a modest, kind, a lacking a little bit in confidence, but at the same time a very responsible girl! Day by day Nazira continued to show her skills and abilities. She absorbed knowledge and took part in all discussions. In the Primary school during the exhibition, Nazira surprised all the staff with her project presenting the results of her experiments on water purification. The topic was presented brightly in an interesting way. The project was outstanding! But at the same time, continues the teacher, in spite of her modesty and responsibility, Nazira like any other child sometimes acted spontaneously. However, even at that time she could find ways from difficult situations skillfully and never entered into a conflict with her peers”.

Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Aliya Surtayevna, remembers that from the first lessons Nazira excelled with her abilities and skills in the subject and showed a great interest to Chemistry: “When Nazira was a Grade 7 student, from the first lessons she displayed her serious attitude towards her studies and fulfilled tasks very quickly. That’s why, when in Grade 8, I saw her real abilities and endurance, I got an idea to involve her into a scientific-research activity: preparation for subject Olympiads or creation of scientific project”.

The young journalists were interested in all detailed information about her project activity:

— Were you interested in participation in project?
— Yes, of course! I was interested in everything. The working process, defending the project and making new friends. Although the working process was very long, more than 1 year.

— What did you feel when you knew that you won the third place?
— I was very happy when I heard about my results! Frankly speaking, I hoped to win the first place. But “to fight and win ” the third place, Nazira smiles, is also a tremendous challenge. Just imagine, when defending the project there were more than 700 people, about 500 projects in different subjects. I could barely pass my eyes over the list of projects; I realized that I have very serious and big competition. Many participants of the Republican competition had very good projects; therefore the third place for me is a major achievement. But I’m not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

— What or who inspired you to engage into the project activity in Chemistry?
— I always liked this subject. Maybe a part of inspiration was in me before starting to work on my project, that’s why I was very happy when in Grade 9 I received an offer to try this activity. Who inspired me? I think, first of all, it was my family and of course my scientific supervisor Mrs. Aliya Surtayevna. I couldn’t have managed with the work without her assistance.

— What did you learn when you worked on the project and defended it?
— First of all, I knew a lot of new information about the topic of my project, which is “Extractional-spectroscopical identification of silver in polymetallic ore of thiosemicarbazide flux in stearinic acid ”. Knowledge, acquired during working on the project, is very important for me. Personal experience, acquired from participation in the conference, and understanding the importance of the abilities to accept criticism correctly and listen to advice are also important for me.

Opinions of the jury members about my project are very important for me: by the end of presentation they shared their impressions about my project and suggested how to make my project more interesting and better by correcting some mistakes and probably adding something new.

The interview was coming to its end, but young journalists couldn’t stop putting their questions. Observing the active conversation I tried to understand what the secret of her success is. According to Nazira, her father during his schooldays was interested in Chemistry, participated in different competitions and Olympiads in this field. Thereby we can say that Chemistry is “in her blood”. Hereof, probably due to this she has obvious keenness for the subject. Perhaps, in future she will decide to join a Chemistry faculty. It remains to be seen. Today during the interview with young journalists she noted that she is going to continue her project activity and in March she will present our school and our city in international competition of scientific projects in the Republic of Georgia.

Students sincerely wished her success in the next intellectual fight. I’m sure that Nazira could win in the next competition as she is a hard working and goal-seeking girl as real winners should be.

Good luck, Nazira!

Polina Chumakova, Grade 9