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Human Ingenuity Day in Secondary School

Human Ingenuity Day in Secondary School 17.02.2014

What do we know about Human Ingenuity? What does creativity mean? What represents creative thinking? These were the questions Miras School students answered during “Human Ingenuity” week.

Students started their Monday in an unusual fashion. Instead of a sleepy morning tutorial, they activated their creativity in order to answer different questions. For example, do you know why golf clubs have left-handed trainers? Or why the main hero took a little boy with him every time he visited a movie in Anry Roya’s story “The hands”? Our students were so creative, that we could hardly choose a winner. But a competition is a competition, and the winners were grade 6, 8 and 9.

In addition, we brought the Miras anthem to life"we find the answers to all questions“: in this case we tried to find the timeline for different areas like food, transport and medicine. What was the first invention — ice-cream or salt? DNA Bank or Penicillin? Radioactive engine or a seat belt?

“That was very difficult, -said Ayazhan, grade 6, student and the winner — “for example, I did not expect that an ice cream was discovered earlier than salt. I persevered and found out a lot of interesting information about these inventions, and I feel, I am ready for the intellectual casino now”.

Our students might not all be great at problem solving competitions but they are well educated in design and technology. “Create an item that represents creativity” — that was their task for the week. The main idea was to bind this idea to the logo of the day “Make the impossible possible”. Students should represent not only the final product, but film a process, involving all grades in the movie. The team “Aral Royals” was obviously royal on that day; they won the prize “In Genius Team”.

The final Friday assembly concluded the whole process of creativity. And the culmination of the day was the Human Ingenuity carving in the school cafeteria.

“I understand that creativity is a very important part of our life” admitted grade 6 student, Adi. It helps us to make something new, and makes our life more interesting and bright. I was in the creativity factory and made different items from plasticine, rice and pasta, that was a fantastic brain storming exercise”.

Human Ingenuity week finished on Friday, but “we are looking forward the next Human Ingenuity day next academic year” answered a student in the final reflections.

Elvira Sarsenova
“Human Ingenuity ” AoI leader