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Intellectual Casino IQ Game Series 2014

Intellectual Casino IQ Game Series 2014 28.02.2014

“Ladies and gentlemen! Dear Elite club experts! Dear audience! Good afternoon and welcome to this game of Miras International School Intellectual Marathon the Game Series 2014 in the Intellectual Casino IQ! It is our sixth season and our ambition is to make it a useful, worthwhile experience for you, therefore, we would appreciate your attendance active involvement!” This is how each game of the series began.

To say that Intellectual Casino IQ promotes knowledge and critical thinking will not be an understatement. The motto of the club, which sounds in Latin as “Super Omnia Veritas” translated as “Knowledge is above all” is quite self-descriptive. In our club we do believe that knowledge, unlike money, will never be devalued and is never unnecessary, and what you invest in your education (and we do not mean money, but your energy, effort and hard work) will be paid back. Therefore, we have “talents” as our conventional units — we all have them, but many people fail to use them to develop academically and socially.

Further to this, our life is driven and determined by ourselves. If you as students want your school life to be interesting and full of emotions, both inside and outside your classrooms, you are primarily in charge of making it happen — and we, your teachers, are here to help and support you in this!

As far as the process and the results are concerned, we had a fascinating preliminary game series, where three teams were qualified from as Major Game Series participants. Added with the fourth team of teachers and parents led by Ms Guldana, whose game was held on 18 February, those three teams were:

  • Team «Victory» of Zaisan house led by Alina Vlasova; this team opened the series on 28 January and gambled 54,000 talents — the result which no other team managed to beat; the score of that game was 6:2;
  • Team «Aral Royal» of Aral House, the winner of the preliminary game series, under the leaderhip of Anel Kabdralhmanova; the team played on the 6 February and lost the dramatic game with the score 4:6;
  • Team «Blue Jays» of Balkhash House, which came the second in the preliminary series led by Timur Yerkimbekov; the date of this game was the 12 of February; the team won with the score 6:4 and gambled 16,000 talents;
  • Team «Intellectual Feast» mentioned above won 6:5 in a wonderful game on 18 February and gambled 41,500 talents.

Therefore, team “Victory” was qualified as the final game participant and won quite smoothly 6:4 on 24 February having gambled “modest” 20,000 “talents. Congratulations to Alina and, of course, to our fifth “immortal” expert Alexander Tyo, who was voted for as the best expert in the series and joined the “Young Einsteins’ Club”.

Anatoliy Kuznetsov
Intellectual Club IQ Coordinator