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Model of United Nations in Almaty

Model of United Nations in Almaty 03.03.2014

On the 26th of February till the 1st of March students of our school had a great opportunity to participate in MUN Conference in Almaty. Four students: Noyan Alimov, Bekarys Alimov, Polina Chumakova and Botagoz Sadykbekova were the delegates of different countries and together with the other students from around Kazakhstan discussed global issues. There are three parts to MUN — formal debate, moderated caucus, and unmoderated caucus.

The first one is Formal Debate, there the Chair maintains a list of speakers and the delegates follow the order written on the ‘speaker list.’ Speakers may be added to the speaker list by raising their placards or sending a note to the Chair. During this time, delegates talk to the entire committee. They make speeches, answer questions, and debate on resolutions and amendments. If there are no other motions, the committee goes back to formal debate by default. There is usually a time limit.

The second on is Moderated Caucus, the committee goes into a recess and the rules of procedure are suspended. Anyone may speak if recognized by the Chair. A vote on a motion is necessary to go into a moderated caucus. There is a comparatively shorter time limit per speech. In an Unmoderated Caucus, the delegates informally meet with other delegates and the staff for discussions.

Resolutions are the basis of all debate. They are considered the final results of conversations, writings, and negotiations. Resolutions must go through a draft, approval by the dais, and consequent debate and modification.

Our students inspired other delegates by their creative and innovative thinking and were great members of their alliances. We would like to outline the work of Polina Chumakova whose speech impressed the observers and principled attitude to the problem made other delegates to think deeply about the global issues. Students of Miras International School expressed a desire to participate in the conference again the next year.

Guldana Nessipbayeva
AoI leader