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MYP Personal Project

MYP Personal Project 14.03.2014

Finally, on the 13th of March, Miras MYP students were able to display the products of months of arduous toil! And what a wonderful exhibition it was! The school atrium was transformed into an exciting demonstration of a variety of students’ interests, abilities and concerns. It seems creativity has no limits when it comes to our final year MYP students: from dinosaurs, sharks and solar energy and other science topics to the delights of chocolate, sports, Disney and social adaptation, the students presented their individual products confidently answering visitors’ many questions throughout the day. Hard work, yes, but extremely rewarding; despite the relief of having completed a major piece of the many requirements for their certificates, many students grew used to focusing on their topics and said that they were actually going to miss being engaged with studying something of personal interest.

Why is the Personal Project so important?

The MYP Personal Project provides an opportunity for students to be engaged in research about something that matters to them personally. They choose their own topics and focus on it from a wider, often global perspective. It requires a significant effort, perseverance, planning, reflection, organisational skills, time-management, research skills and reporting and presenting skills. In other words, it is a culminating task of the years in the MYP of using precisely those skills which enable students to work independently and to critically evaluate their work. As such, the Personal Project is an excellent preparation for the Extended Essay in the IB Diploma programme and for writing research papers later on at university.

One of the interesting aspects of the project is that you don’t lose marks for encountering difficulties or making mistakes provided you recognize what went wrong and are able to offer better ways of doing something. This shows the ability to use various ways of solving problems just as we need to do so often in real life.

However, based on what we saw in the exhibition, it seems there were very few problems as all the projects were interesting and well presented.

Well done, Grade 10 — way to go!

Paula Preston
Deputy MYP Coordinator