Miras International School, Astana provides a quality education, based on the integration of international and Kazakhstani educational standards, within a challenging and supportive environment that fosters international-mindedness, promotes all aspects of individual growth, and equips students with the skills for lifelong learning.

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GREAT NEWS!!! 29.01.2015

Dear Friends of Miras International School, Astana,

We are delighted to announce that Miras International School, Astana has just received a letter from a Director from the Council of International Schools informing us that we have been awarded re-accreditation with immediate effect.

Dr. Graham Ranger sends congratulations to our entire school community on this achievement. He identifies six aspects as needing particular commendation:

  • Commitment to international and cross-cultural understanding through curriculum options in English, Russian and Kazakh.
  • Issue-specific surveys as a basis for ongoing school improvement.
  • A curriculum cycle based on design, articulation and review.
  • Vertical and horizontal articulation of international-mindedness.
  • A welcoming, inclusive school climate.
  • Exemplary attention to operational support services.

Congratulations have also been received from the Governing Board of the Foundation Schools. “This is a remarkable accomplishment — an international recognition of school progress and achievements in all areas, an appreciation of the staff hard and creative work and their contribution to each student’s growth as well as to the whole school development. Congratulations on becoming a true leader in education in Kazakhstan. You have a great team of high caliber specialists, who are experts in developing and implementing the integrated curriculum, which marries international standards with Kazakhstani requirements. Your staff is open to innovative pedagogy and committed to providing students with an efficient educational environment”.

Needless to say, we are very happy indeed to have received such positive recognition!

CIS accreditation

Congratulations from the Board