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Mukagali Makataev is our pride

Mukagali Makataev is our pride 26.02.2015

Каzakh language teacher Bolatova Altynai

On February 20, 2015 in celebration of Mother Tongue Day Grade 10 students had a cultural event called “Mukagali Makataev is our pride” in literature lessons devoted to great poet. The lesson’s goal was to learn about Mukagali Makataev’s life history, to give a sense of poet’s songs and to cultivate students’ patriotism. Our event in honor of the poet’s strong personality opened with a video about his life and in which he sang his poems. Presenters of event, Seiduali Maktalbek and Karina Dzhamilya, provided us with a biography slide show. After reading poems full of anguish and endless inspiration, Chumakova Polina and Murzagali Alisher performed the song “Есі?е мені ал?айсы?” written in accordance with the poet’s words. During this literature event special guest and Grade 10 supervisor, Maigul Erkinkyzy, gave a speech and warmly commended the views of Mukagali Makataev. She told us about Mukagali’s life, read a poem “Ба?ыт (Happy)” and told the history of this song. There was a literature exhibition of great poet’s life and his creativity. Kazakh language and literature teacher, Rabiga Nurzhankyzy, continued the event with words: “Nowadays delicate poetry of akyn (Kazakh or Kirghiz folk poet and singer) fathoms youth’s and everybody’s heart who love poetry”. His songs are perceived as magic. There is no one Kazakh person who doesn’t like Mukagali’s poetry. It shows that his creativity is forever! The purpose of this literature event is familiarization with the poetry of akyn and encouraging patriotism, spiritual world among young people, and also promotion of Mukagali’s legacy, which has become a national treasure. The words “?лсе ?лер М??а?али Ма?атаев, ?лтіре алмас алайда ?ле?ді ешкім (Even if Mukagali Makataev dies, nobody can kill a song)” shows that the poet’s works are immortal. Maktalbek beautified our event with the performing kui “Секіртпе” (Kazakh national folk music song) on a dombra (musical instrument), and also Aizhan Utebayeva and Oryn Tomiris performed Mukagali’s song “Сен к?рктісі?”. The most distinguished students and teachers took a photo. We plan similar events in the future.