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First Music School Concert


The concert was held in a special triumphant and festive atmosphere; excitement was written on the faces of music school teachers, responsible children, parents and a great number of guests! All this could be observed on March 4, 2015 in the Assembly Hall of Miras International School where the first music school concert took place.

Prior to the celebration of the International Women’s Day, all children wanted to congratulate their mothers and therefore all students who are studying at music school were involved in the concert. It is a kind of musical examination for each student and children had put in a great deal of effort in preparing for the concert. Our little performers were very self-disciplined, artistic and attentive. The number of students who are studying at the music school is high and therefore participants of the concert were divided into two groups. Vocalists and some of the pianists performed on the assembly hall stage, and a group of the musicians playing the guitar, dombra and piano performed in the school atrium.

There was a joyful and enjoyable atmosphere on the two platforms which was transmitted to everybody without exception. It helped very much the youngest performers who stepped on the stage for the first time.

Grade 6 students, —Miriam Kuanysh and Nursulu Burkitbayeva — made the announcements in the concert. The girls led the concert wonderfully — they were bright, dynamic and the real masters of ceremonies and of course, it was transmitted to performers. There was a continuous interaction between leaders, musicians and their teachers. That is the kind of creative atmosphere which is necessary on the stage.

It is worth observing the notable achievements of our children. The music school is not yet a year old. Our main performers are primary school students. Their repertoire is increasing: as children develop, performances gradually become more complex. The execution of “Boogie-woogie” four-handedly by the piano ensemble, Tomiris Shakenova and Aysel Barys, was a pleasant surprise for everybody. The girls’ smiles and the cheerful character of the jazz style music put the audience in a good mood of which a storm of applause was the proof. It should be noted that all parents who attended the concert are happy with the achievements of their children.

Such performances bring not only joy and a festive mood for beginner musicians, but also unite and rally children who are engaged in a fine activity — learning to love music, to execute it and to listen.

We want to express special thanks to the teachers working at music school. Our teachers show an individual approach, ability to develop the potential of students, to develop children’s interest and love for music in the short period of time. We wish everybody great creative achievements!

Music school coordinator Schneider S. A.