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Nauryz celebration

Nauryz celebration 15.04.2015

With great joy we inform you that we had wonderful Nauryz celebration in our school. We had been chiefly preparing to this holiday because our aim was to show Kazakh National games and traditional features of the Oriental cultures, and, at least, to invite all guests to Dastarkhan.

The school staff prepared beautiful yurts so you can see Kazakh National attributes of house, clothes and food. Together with Kazakh language teachers we prepared the assembly scenario with a few Kazakh National customs and traditions. For instance, “Tazalau” (House cleaning) with Grade 8 students participation, and “Agash egu” (Tree planting) with Grade 10 involvement, or “Amandasu” —custom with greeting special guests.

Our students cited passages from known pieces by Mukagali Makatayev. The fragment “Kezdesu” impressed all teachers and parents.

We would like to say big thanks to our Music and Dance teachers who helped us prepare interesting performances on the stage. Dombyra and kobyz sounding was enigmatic expression of music background for showing all these traditions. For example, Kydyr Ata was beautifully performed by Maktalbek Seiduali. Opening assembly started with gorgeous dance. Our separate thanks to Dance teacher, Ainagul Smailova, who did prepare both all the dances for the assembly and dance flash mob “Kara zhorga” together with Student Council for the second part of Nauryz celebration. All students were in Kazakh national costumes.

The day program consisted of three parts: assembly, Oriental creative work rooms, and Kazakh National games in each class, and Dastarkhan.

In the second part all students were working in their classrooms. Primary School kids had wonderful opportunity to participate in many activities devoted to the Oriental countries, and Secondary School students mostly played various traditional Kazakh games. By the end of creative workrooms children had a presentation-reflection in the school atrium and Concert Hall.

The brightest moment was Dastakhan. There were big festive tables in the SS GYM and school canteen.

In Kazakhstan, Spring arrives officially on the 22nd of March- this is also a special day as Nauryz is celebrated, which marks not only the Spring Equinox but also the reawakening of nature. Nauryz in Kazakhstan symbolizes fertility, friendship and love. On this special day people dress up, visit close friends and family and wish everyone well and “Miras” community isn’t an exception.

For this special holiday, the school prepared an entertaining programme for all of us. Students from Grade 10 and 8 demonstrated some main Kazakh traditions. Primary school students showed Nauryz dances. Also, high school students performed pieces using Kazakh national instruments: the ‘dombyra’ and ‘kobyz’.

Nauryz is a fun, creative holiday with traditional games and arts. Students from 6th to 11th grade played national games such as: "Ak Serek"(untangling the chains), "Oramal tastau"(game with scarf", "Kyz kuu"(run after the girl), "Kush synasu"(Who is the strongest?), "Sakina salu ( game with a ring), "Togyz kumalak“( game with 9 stones). Also, primary school students busied themselves in oriental creative work- rooms. They learned Kazakh folk songs, sketched an “Oriental Fairy-tale”, learned about Oriental national dishes and made jewelery.

The Student Council also organized a national dance flashmob under the direction of Adiya Imasheva.

Dastarkhan( a table with national food) is an important part of the celebration. At Nauryz it is a must to have the traditional festive dish nauryz-koje on the table. Kazakhs believe that if you eat much of this dish on Nauryz, then your year will be a prosperous one. Nauryz koje is a nutritional rich soup that is cooked using seven ingredients: meat, water, flour, butter, millet, salt and milk. Each component symbolizes one of the seven compentents of life : growth,luck,happiness,wealth,health,wisdom and sky.

Nauryz is a special holiday that unites people and brings love, happiness and joy. Miras School community enjoys celebrating Nauryz!

Aigerim Zhunissuva,
Publication Committee Leader, Student Council