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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! 04.09.2015

This year First Bell assembly is meaningful as it comes together coincides with the country’s celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 20th Anniversary of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan.

The fFirst bell of 2015-2016 has already rung for 39 first grade students who entered the school and are ready for an amazing journey to the country of knowledge. Our first welcome is to them. And the first welcome we say to them.

The second welcome is to the team of new students and teachers who are joining our Miras family and to whom we wish success them to tune in in their a new educational environment.

Lastly, At last, we welcome our Miras community who, full of strength and energy, has returned back to school from an amazing summer holiday and are now ready for the challenges ahead. full of strength and energy to continue their study.

Our traditional first assembly was held with the participation of popular cartoon heroes who help people in their every day everyday life. And Oour school heroes helped our first graders to think and prepare for a gGreat school year. Not only newcomers but all of the students should remember that being attentive, communicative, cooperative and hardworking will help them to be successful in their studies. They should not forget of being respectful towards others and friendly in order to make have their life at Miras interesting and productive. Both students and teachers should always remember about enthusiasm and creativity —as these traits are always supported and accepted in our community.

The aAudience liked very much the songs performed by grade 1 and 11 students who were the main heroes of the ceremony. Waltz with some jive intrusion raised the mood and impressed the audience. After the cheerful assembly, students attended tutorial lessons devoted to the promotion of peace and agreement harmony promotion. So, the school year has started.


Have a great school year!