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Intercultural Awareness Day

Intercultural Awareness Day 04.12.2015

It has become a good tradition to celebrate intercultural awareness day in our school. This academic year it was held on Saturday 28th of November. The preparation for the day started two weeks before the holiday Students and teachers of the secondary school have been preparing their presentations of the continents within houses: Aral —Europe, Balkhash — Africa, Caspian — Americas, Zaisan — Asia; the students of the primary school have been studying Kazakhstan, India, Kenya, Philippines, Columbia, The United States and France according to the transdisciplinary themes.

The opening assembly started with the video “If the whole world were a village of 100 people” and the audience had a good chance to consider eternal truths from a global perspective and realize their consequences. Respect —Think — Share — and Treat kindly! — this was the main message of the video.

The day concluded with a wonderful assembly where the students demonstrated the knowledge of what they’ve learned during the day; there were Zumba dance, African dance, singing of the national anthem and bright and memorable performance of Zaisan House “Peach boy Momotaro” based on Japanese fairy tale. The students of the primary school astonished the audience with their wonderful African dance.

All guests of the event had a unique chance to watch the exposition of art works made by grade 1B students — Aida Nasimullina, Polina Tatarova, Aida Askhatova, Melis Tuche Dzheviz, grade 2B student — Khakan Dzheviz and grade 11 students — Aigerim Altynbayeva and Aziza Sadyk. Exposition was devoted to Intercultural Awareness day.

At the end of the day, all Miras community was treated to a multinational cuisine at the school cafeteria and enjoy a variety of dishes form the different continents.

Here are students’ vision and understanding of the main ideas of the day:

Peace — we are living together under the blue sky and bright sun without wars.

Friendship — everybody needs a friend — Be one!

Human rights — do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Cultural diversity — our differences make us unique.

Accept others — tear down your walls and let others in.

Learn more languages!

Religion — Faith should unite not divide!

We are looking forward to the next IAD to open new doors, see new horizons and face new challenges!