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Concert of the Children Music School

Concert of the Children Music School 14.12.2015

On December 3, our school held the reporting concert of the Children Music School — a celebration of Music and Talent. On this day, students performed to the students of Alma Mater and parents to demonstrate their achievements in the performing arts.

The reporting concert of the Children Music School was devoted to the upcoming celebrations — Christmas and New Year, that is why the repertoire of the students were bright and festive music: fabulous — Grieg, solemn — Beethoven, light — Mozart, native — kuis of Kurmangazy. This was demonstrated a good level of performance of selected works. To the delight of the audience program of the concert included performances of absolutely all students of the Music school. Each of them, in turn, represented his specialization — his instrument. There were a piano, a dombra, a guitar and vocals.

Despite the general mood of an exciting, students showed themselves from the bright side. And some of them actively participated in the concerts, and made their debut in the role of master of ceremonies. There were Tahir Shakenov Veronica Pirogova, Khalida Kuzenbaeva, Kaisar Kuanysh, Inkar Mustafina, Alisa Suleimenova, Boris San and Danel Kunanbayeva. The concert reigned truly bright and friendly atmosphere of creativity. Backstage was like this fabulous realm where seething own special life. One of the participants was worried, someone was looking forward to its first appearance on the stage. One was one thing — the love of music!

Warm words of gratitude I want to express to the administration and the entire teaching staff of the Children Music School, which at all times have been teaching this difficult, but fascinating way with each student. It was exciting to see the joy and onto the stage performing, matured in terms of young musicians. Not less than pleased to see the very young and just starting debutants in music.

Festive photo, smiles and friendly greetings — on major chord was completed reporting festive concert. However, it was not the finale trip in the world of music, but only a small celebration in the huge way in understanding of the Art!


Alexandra Lumpova, 
piano teacher, Music School