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Creative Families’ Festival at Miras

Creative Families’ Festival at Miras 06.05.2016

The last Friday of April finished with a wonderful and engaging sports event where families competed in being fast, strong and creative. According to the established tradition this event was held within “Miras against Drugs” programme and its aim was to bring families together and promote a healthy way of life.

The number of participating families exceeded all our expectations as this year there were 18 families! So, that is why, at the beginning of the event, they were distributed into groups. Families had their “Visiting cards”, where they had the name of the team and its motto. The names of the teams varied from “Winnie-the-Pooh”, “Star”, “Forsage”, “Penguins”, “The Stork”, “Smile”, “Latine”, “Alatau” to "Cobra“(which doesn’t bite but kisses etc.)

Children with their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters competed in funny relays and other sports contests and demonstrated excellent team spirit.

The event was decorated with a Grade 11 march that was linked with the forthcoming Day of the Defender and a flash mob “Miras against drugs”, performed by secondary school students as a result of Grade 6-7-8 integrated Music and Dance lesson.

The most difficult and challenging task was faced by the jury consisting of true professionals. According to the results of the event, the first place was awarded to Bozhko and Nagaspayevs families, the second place was shared by San and Zhumabekov’s families, and the third place was taken by the families of Vatry and Mustafins. The other participants received letters of gratitude and memorable prizes.

We hope that all families liked the event and we look forward to the next year’s family event that will give a wonderful opportunity to play, run, laugh, do finger painting and enjoy the time together!