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Grade 11 Graduation 2016

Grade 11 Graduation 2016 06.06.2016

The Last Bell has rung for students of grades 9 and 11! Behind them are lessons, bells and marks; in front of them are consultations, exams, UNT... This year’s Last Bell assembly devoted to the last bell was very special; the Grade 11 students prepared it themselves. Every part of the assembly was really well prepared: from the graceful waltz, comic elements, touching video, and the thanks to both teachers and parents. Particularly warm and emotional words came from those Grade 11 students who have studied in Miras from pre-school onwards—our school has come to be such an important part of their lives.


I still cannot believe that this is the last school days. On the one hand it`s cool that we are graduates, and that soon we will start an adult and independent life, but on the another hand — it`s very sad to know that the best days of our life passed so quickly. No matter how trite it sounded, but the school for us is a second home, and the teachers are the second parents. You taught us by not only your subjects, but also—most importantly—how to behave in society, how to love and work hard, how to take care of people around you. You helped us develop into decent people. Thank you very much for everything!

Here, I have met my closest friends. We have become very close and know that we can depend upon each other in difficult moments. I know that this will continue when we leave the school gates. I will really miss the lessons, our activities, the adventures in the school... It seems to me that we can talk about this endlessly—because everybody has their own lasting perceptions of everyday life at Miras. I hope that we will continue to bond and to do new things together. I love everybody so much, you have given me the best days of my life.


There is a saying that life is not measured by the number of past days, but rather by the number of the moments when a person feels happy. And I can say with certainty that due to Miras International School our childhood and youth have been filled with extraordinary, joyful and pleasant moments.

We learned a lot here: to ask questions, to look for answers and to achieve our goals. But even more important is that the school has helped us to make lasting friendships, has helped us have self-respect, and has helped us recognize the value of our home and families.

This is not just that place where we received an education. Miras helped every of us realize both who he is and who he will be. And on this special day when we leave the school, we promise to hold on to these memories, as we bravely move on to the next stage of our lives.


Good afternoon, dear teachers, beloved parents and guests!

I first entered the gates of this school 12 years ago when I joined pre-school. Over all these years—together with the school—I have changed and developed. During each stage of development, I have always felt at home here.

There are many wonderful teachers in our school, many of whom you will see on the stage today. Of course, we understand that sometimes it was not so easy to be with us. And you — our dear teachers — had to show a lot of patience and endurance—helping us learn so many important lessons. Thank you very much for what you did for us!

Major thanks are due to the many friends that I have made in this school, and I hope such friendship lasts for a lifetime.

But none of this would have been possible without my dear parents! Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me these opportunities given by this wonderful school. And most important of all, thank you for always standing by me, supporing me and understanding me.

I will really try to live up to the expectations of my parents and my teachers!

Let’s wish success in the upcoming trials — the final exams—to all our dear graduates.