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Why Do I Like Miras?

Why Do I Like Miras? 14.03.2017

Tell me, how often do you look up to the sky? What are you thinking about when it’s calm and serene? What are you dreaming about in moments of happiness or melancholy? What are you thinking about while looking at your healthy and cheerful children? Of course, all of us are glad for them, and see the reflection of a beautiful and irrevocably missed time.

I remember one episode when I think about the happiness of my children. Once in the evening, after school, my daughters and I decided to have a snack in a café: we drank some tea with deserts and discussed our future weekend plans. We sat in the cozy armchairs, made an order, and the girls started to take stock of advertising magazines and colouring books, which were suggested by a waiter.

The cozy atmosphere of the quiet cafe was continually interrupted by the cheerful chirping of the girls. I looked at my daughters and was amazed at their constant cheerfulness. Where do they draw this energy from? How do they manage to remain in a state of incessant optimism? After all, a whole day of study, intellectual and sporting activities was over, and they chirp, play, and even quarrel.

Childhood... fun and happy days. What would we recall from our childhood? What we did at school, how we learned? Probably, each of us remembers moments from the distant past: playful classmates, a chalkboard and one-colored desks, very kind or, on the contrary, strict teachers, how you were late for lessons or were afraid to take a test... What was there that helped us learn, grow, develop?

In iridescent reminiscences of my school years, I asked the children: “Girls, what do you like about your school?”. The oldest quickly responded: “There’s a lot of interesting and new information every day”. And the younger hurried to add: “And they let me play dolls, and we go for a walk!”.

I was very pleased with their answers, and I continued: “So, well. And what does that give you?” — “It prepares me for a new and interesting life”, — Sophia answered as the oldest child, — “it helps me find the best in me, to build my character. And the school gives me the right to make mistakes, teaches me not to give up, and if something does not work, I tried my best”. “And I like dolls, gymnastics and the fact that I can wear princesses’ favorite dresses in the Pre-school!” — said my youngest one.

“Well, well, maybe there’s something you do not like?” — I asked provocatively. The girls laughed together in response...

Every morning when I take the girls to school, I hug them and wish them a good day, because I know that every day at this school is a good day!!!

Regards, Shvygova I.Y.