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Nauryz in Miras!

Nauryz in Miras! 24.03.2017

Nauryz is a great feast celebrated by the peoples of the east and well-loved by us, the people of Miras.

The celebration of Nauryz is usually accompanied by national games, horse racing and other entertaining activities. We decided not to change a well-established traditions, so the last week before the spring break was marked at our school as a week of celebration of the spring holiday.

Acquaintance with Kazakh national games for10-minuteswas the beginning of the festive week: students watched an interesting movie about the game “Kokpar”, played asyks (chuko bones) with the teachers, listened to the news about the teacher who invented for school students a board game played with asyks, etc. It was funny and enlightening! The festive spirit was supported by the Kazakh language teachers who invited students to workshops on making crafts from felt and other materials on hand. On Tuesday, the team of master teachers was supplemented with true craftsmen: masters of pottery, those working with silver and needlework. The fruits of the work of the craftsmen and first individual pieces made by Miras students and guests from Perm were presented to everybody’s joy at the charity fair that was held on Wednesday within the framework of the week.

The most content rich day was probably Thursday.

The exhibition of paintings and photos on the topic “Nauryz is a feast of goodness and well-being” impressed the guests by the originality of ideas, bright colors,aesthetic framing of scenes and episodes captured skillfully by the artist.

The main ritual dish of the spring holiday is Nauryz-kozhe that should be made of 7 ingredients symbolizing 7 elements of life: water, meat, salt, fat, flour, cereals (rice, corn or wheat) and milk. These ingredients symbolize joy, luck, wisdom, health, welfare, speed, growth and divine protection. Thus, it is not surprising for us that one of the interesting obligatory events of the week was tasting the main dish by the guests from Perm and our foreign teachers. The positive reaction of the guests was captured on video.

The highlight of the week was the assembly devoted to the Nauryz holiday. It was an integrally beautiful event starting with solemn speeches by stately presenters to the blessing from Kadyr-ata. Everyone was delighted by the masterful representation of folk rituals: “Besikke bolu” (Cradling) and “Tusau kesu” (Cutting the rope), vocal performance by the school choir, lively dances and the bewitching sounds of the steppe that were produced on dombra by the winner of the international festival, Grade 9 student, Leila Kuldikova.

The productive work and high level of the week program were shown on Friday in a colorful way: videos and photos were displayed in the atriums of both schools. Good job, Mirasians! Keep it up!