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Creative Families Sports Festival

Creative Families Sports Festival 01.06.2017

Family is the most important thing we have in our life.

Family is a holiday, family dates,

Gifts, shopping, pleasant expenses.

Birth of children, first step, first babble,

Positive dreams, excitement and thrill.

Family is a work, care for each other,

Family is a lot of housework.

Family is important!......

When the school announced about Creative Families Sports Festival, 15 families expressed a wish to take active part in this great holiday well-loved by students and their families.

As usual, this event was held in conjunction with the “Miras against drugs” plan, developed and approved by Miras International School and DEA DIA in Astana, to support a healthy lifestyle and family traditions and values.

This year 11 families applied to participate and on May 15, 2017, dressed in sports uniforms, they came and waited for their entrance in the concert hall where the event was held. Family teams were given tremendous applause and greeted by our guest from South Korea, Miss Choon Hee Lee, and our Primary School Principal Jared Tabita.

Then, they took part in interesting sports relays and creative competitions. Participants had to demonstrate not only power, agility, speed, stamina, but also unity and ability to support each other in different situations.

Children together with their fathers, mothers, aunts, brothers, and sisters warmed up with tennis balls, get over “crossing”, hit the target with a ball and gather air ballons at a speed. The creative competition was devoted to EXPO 2017, showing the importance of future energy for our country. The final stage of the festival showed that our participants danced to different music genres.

First place was taken by the Bozhko family (for the second year in a row), the second by Yun and third by San. All the participants received letters of thanks and recognition gifts for active participation in the Creative Families Sports Festival.

The festival was finished with tasty and healthy snacks in the school cafeteria.

We sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed this event and we look forward to the next family festival!